Sports Physical Therapy

Sports physical therapy focuses on prevention, evaluation, treatment, and performance enhancement of the active individual. Patients injured while playing sports often want to return as quickly as possible. At Apex Physical Therapy and Wellness we recognize this and work with our athletes to return them to their sport while avoiding re-injury.

We treat:

• Runners
• Football Players
• Cheerleaders
• Swimmers
• Baseball players
• Dancers/Gymnasts
• Basketball players
• Hockey players
• Cyclists

The initial visit starts with a comprehensive evaluation to assess the injured area and how the injury impacts sport/activity participation. Once the injury and areas of deficit are discussed with the patient (and parents for high school athletes) an individualized treatment plan is established for each athlete and tailored to the sport they participate in. 

Treatment sessions may involve:

• Stretching
• Manual therapy (ASTYM, joint mobilization, soft tissue mobilization)
• Strengthening
• Agility/plyometrics
• Neuromuscular re-education
• Ultrasound
• Electric stimulation

When appropriate sport specific exercises will be introduced and progressed until the patient is able to return to their sport. Every sport has its specific demands and we at Apex Physical Therapy and Wellness recognize this and prepare each athlete to return to their sport. We want each athlete to return to their sport as quickly and safely as possible.