Visceral Manipulation

At Apex we offer visceral manipulation, an innovative and advanced type of manual treatment focused on healing the organs of the body. The goal of visceral manipulation is to harmonize and re-establish communication in the body to improve its overall function and health. Visceral manipulation encourages normal tissue motion and mobility of the organs themselves and their surrounding connective tissue.

We do this by using gentle manual therapy forces with hands placed on your abdomen to access the organs. An organ in good health should actually be moving slightly inside your body, as movement is the key to life. It is when these organs become inflamed, restricted, and lacking movement that there can be issues.

Organs can become inflamed due to several reasons: movements that are repetitive, diet, emotional stress, toxins in the environment, and infections. Mobility issues of the hollow organs, such as the stomach, small intestine, and large intestine can interfere with digestion, absorption, and elimination processes. Adhered structures can also result in increased pressure in the abdominal cavity, which may lead to women’s health issues, such as incontinence and prolapse. Muscles and other parts of the body can often times feel the pain, but the organs can actually be the main source of the pain.

When the restrictions are released and the body is no longer bound down, the body can then move with greater ease and improved health. Someone coming in for visceral treatment is recommended to come with an open and neutral mind to the treatment. Plenty of water afterwards is also recommended, as we are working on sensitive structures!