4 Stretches to Warm Up Prior to Yard Work

Anytime that you are working in your yard, you can put a lot of extra stress on your body.

As you get more active in your yard, it is important to make sure you are taking care of your body. Gardening and yard work usually involves a lot of lifting, bending, and twisting, all of which can cause increased pain.

One way to greatly reduce your chance of injuring yourself is to properly warm up before getting to work. Below are a few stretches and exercises that will help you get ready to get into the yard. To start you will want to go for a quick walk around the block or go up and down some stairs a few times to warm up.

Hamstring Stretch

Hold 20-30 seconds each leg. Repeat 2 times

Forward/ Backward Trunk Bends

15 Times each way.

Trunk Side Bend

15 times each way.

Trunk Side bends

Trunk Rotation

15 times each way.

Trunk Rotation

After you have warmed up, you want to try and limit any twisting, especially if you are lifting heavier weights. Also, try to avoid sitting in a bent-over position for an extended period of time as that can cause excess strain on your lower back. Buying longer-handled garden tools, eliminating the need to bend over, can help as well.

All of the exercises above should be able to be performed without any pain. If any of the above motions do cause some pain, our physical therapists at Apex will be able to assess your motion and find out what is causing your pain.

Once we identify what is causing your pain we will design a plan to help you get back to working in your yard pain-free!

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