Top 5 Benefits for Using a Foam Roller

Top 5 Foam Roller Exercises

Foam rollers are becoming increasingly popular, and many fitness professionals are recommending them either before or after a workout. In some cases, they are recommended for at-home use, regardless of exercise.

Why are they so popular? As you’ll learn, there are five specific benefits that you will experience when using a foam roller.

Enhance Range of Motion

Range of motion is important for people of all physical levels, from the most dedicated athlete to people who take life a little slower. By increasing your range of motion, you can reduce the chances of injury and make yourself a healthier individual.

According to a 2015 study, using a foam roller was effective for increasing range of motion in joints. The study found that foam rolling over muscles had a positive, although short-term, impact on range of motion without negatively affecting muscle performance.

Improve Muscle-Soreness Recovery

After intense exercise, or even moderate physical activity, muscle soreness can set in, causing us to avoid more activity for days or even weeks. However, by using a foam roller, you may be able to reduce the time that your sore muscles need to recover, helping you get back to the activities you love.

Whether you are involved in distance running or a simple walk in the park, foam rolling could reduce muscle soreness and help you stay active.

Reduce Pain

No matter what your lifestyle, you will likely experience muscle pain of some sort. This pain can come from sitting too long, working too much, or lifting something too heavy. Either way, there is strong evidence suggesting that a foam roller could reduce pain in your back, legs, hips, and other muscles.

Helps Relax the Muscles, Possibly the Mind

By activating the sensory receptors in the muscles, using a foam roller could help us relax. This could be beneficial not only for the body, but also for your mind. If you are someone who continually struggles with stress, and this stress has led to back or neck pain, using a foam roller could relax your muscles and possibly relax your mind!

Improve Muscle Performance

For most people, the simple benefits of reducing pain and increasing flexibility are enough to justify foam rollers. However, if you are an elite athlete, there is evidence suggesting that foam rollers could improve muscle performance. A review of scientific literature on the subject found that sprint performance could be improved through the use of foam rollers.

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