5 reason why a gym membership is a big deal

Its important to set aside a space for your workouts.

Our clinic is focusing on sustainability during the month of January this year (check out all our blogs this month for more ways we are addressing this theme)!  

In working to keep a consistent exercise routine, one of the most important components can be that of location!

It’s important to have a space to go that is set aside for exercise. This can be at home or at a gym, but for the sake of this article, we are going to focus on the benefits of having a gym membership. 

Weather friendly: Many gyms in our area are equipped with indoor tracks, tennis courts, and even pools. This makes it easy to get our workouts in throughout all the cold winter months.  While I don’t mind a run or walk on the treadmill occasionally, I usually prefer the feel of the ground moving below me and being able to propel myself through space—even if I’m just running in circles!  

Distraction-Free: I don’t know about the rest of you, but for me, trying to get a workout in at home can be a little tricky with a dog and two little children who think they’d like to participate in the fun! It can be nice to have a place to go where the entire focus can be on your workout.  

Class offerings: It can get a little boring to work out by yourself. Classes such as body pump and yoga allow you to be motivated by an in-person trainer as well as gym matesAlso, I’m much more likely to stop a workout early if there is nobody else in the room!  Having a group that you see week after week can help with accountability, both during the daily workout as well as long term

Community: I read a quote once that said a gym should be like “a community center where exercise happens to take place.” Belonging to a gym, where you see similar trainers, attendees, and other workers can help to foster a sense of community and belonging. This is likely what keeps people at their gym of choice year after year!  

Extra services: Besides having access to gym equipment, many gyms are equipped with trainers to help get you back into shape or reach weight loss goals. We even have some of our Apex physical therapists on staff at Dynasty Performance Training to assist clients with performance optimization and injury recovery! Check us out!  

When it comes to keeping a sustainable and consistent workout plan, having a gym membership can be helpful for all the reasons discussed above. Ultimately, find what works for you and your family to enjoy a fresh start to a year of health. 

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