How to make your new years goals sustainable.

We all have tried setting them and probably many of us have failed.

Here’s a few tips to help you set your goals and stay on track.

Take baby Steps

Make your goals attainable; start small and take baby steps so you don’t get frustrated and give up

Make it your goals

Set a goal you’re interested in, not something your friend is doing, and not something someone else suggested for you – make it yours and be invested

you'll get frustrated

Plan for hold ups or frustrations – these are bound to happen and that’s ok, have a backup plan

Find a buddy

Find a partner in crime, someone interested in the same goals or someone who will hold you accountable in a positive way

set a realistic timeline

Set a REALISTIC timeline or make a plan to help guide you and keep you on track

find creative new ways to make it fun

Find creative ways to make it fun, and make it a normal, new habit

record your progress

Record your progress, what works, what doesn’t; its simple to write it down or keep track of it on your phone using your notes or an app

Reward yourself

Reward yourself! New clothes? Vacation? A special night out? Take your pick on something you’ve been waiting for. Rewards can work!

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