Its garden harvest season and soup season!

Two of my favorites.
One problem.

My garden is not producing like I’d like it to be. My zucchini didn’t even grow! For the second year in a row, I have no onions either. I’ve gotten about 6 tomatoes, loads of basil, too much swiss chard to possibly use, a miniature head of cabbage, and a few spicy peppers.

Hopefully, your garden is more lucrative than mine!

Try this yummy minestrone recipe with a few more veggies than other recipes I’ve seen. Get those veggies from the garden (or the farmers market in my case) and whip up some soup! If you’re at the store, frozen and canned will be just as delish as fresh.

If you have other veggies you’re trying to use up, get wild and creative and throw those in too!! I have bags of swiss chard I blanched and frozen to add some extra nutrition to my fall soups. Soup is my favorite recipe to clean out the fridge with those veggies that maybe aren’t going to make it another day, or don’t look so appetizing.

A good soup is calling my name! Try this Minestrone Soup recipe.

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