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Physical therapists are movement experts and we spend a considerable amount of time learning to analyze how people move. Our entire profession is built upon us being able to help people move better. If I were to ask you to picture someone in physical therapy, you would probably picture someone after surgery trying to move their knee, or someone with a walker trying to exercise. While these two depictions are accurate, and common in physical therapy, they are only a very small part of what physical therapists can do.

For years some of the top athletes in the world have been using physical therapists to help elevate their game. Physical therapists, along with other sports medicine professionals, (Athletic trainers, Sports medicine physicians, etc) play a key role in helping keep athletes healthy and safe. What most people do not know is that physical therapists can also play a very big role in enhancing athletic skills and improving sports performance. Think about it for a second, if physical therapists are movement experts, and sports are all about moving better then the person you are competing with, then why couldn’t PT’s help with sports performance?

How do Physical Therapists help enhance an athlete’s performance?

Enter the Apex Athlete Enhancement screen. This screen takes a comprehensive look at the movement and performance of an athlete and helps us identify key areas that an athlete is struggling with or areas that might be susceptible to injury.

We look at things like Agility, Power, Enhancing performance, and “X”plosiveness. One of the great things about this screen is the enhancing performance section. In this section of the screen, we will take a movement or skill from your sport, watch you perform it, and analyze your movement to make sure you are performing it to the best of your ability. At Apex most of our physical therapists were successful high school and college athletes, so they are also able to use their specific sport knowledge to help enhance your performance.

Once we have all the information from the screen, we can formulate a plan that will help improve your performance and keep you healthy. The screen is a very good way to make sure that everything is “firing on all cylinders” before you start your sports season.

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