This New Year plan to build strength at the EGYM

Happy new year everyone! And you know what that means… New Year Resolutions!

If you would like to kickstart your new year’s resolutions by improving your health and getting into an exercise routine, EGYM is a great place to start!

Getting into a strength training routine has a multitude of benefits including injury prevention, weight loss, improved quality of life, and mental health benefits. However, often times it is difficult to know where to start.

That is what EGYM at Apex is all about!

EGYM consists of electronic self-adjusting equipment that allows any individual, regardless of their physical fitness, to hit the ground running on their fitness goals. Based on the tests you perform and what program you choose, the equipment identifies what weight for each machine and what type of training method would be best for you. The programs will progress you through different phases in a training program that will utilize different training methods as well as target different types of muscle groups and fibers.

Tracking your progress at EGYM has also never been easier with our “EGYM @ Apex” app. This app will allow you to track all the progress you are making in the gym by giving you access to data from your past strength tests and from your SECA machine body scans. The SECA machine enables you to see an in-depth skeletal muscle mass analysis as well as tracking changes in your body fat percentage.

Additionally, with EGYM’s electronic equipment, every individual has privacy on where they are in their fitness journey. The machines will adjust weight and repetitions all on their own so you never have to worry about choosing weights and having others see what you are doing. If you are ready to kickstart your new fitness journey, call 701-639-0808 and sign up for our free one-hour onboarding session and see how EGYM can help you!”

Ready to start working out? 

If you’re ready to start therapy to get your life back, contact us today and book your first session at the EGYM.

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