Boost your Immune System with Workouts at the EGYM

Use the EGYM at Apex to boost your immune system

Working out at EGYM can helpl promote our immune systems

Many people know the numerous amounts of health benefits exercise can offer.

Weight loss, muscle growth, and self-confidence are commonly thought of and while they are all great benefits, they overshadow the more subtle benefits.

One subtle benefit, in particular, is the impact exercise can have on your immune system. When you exercise, your body releases small proteins called myokines. These myokines are released into the bloodstream and act as a supporter for your immune system to fight off infection. In addition to myokines, the contraction of muscles (active exercise) also acts as a “super transporter” for lymphatic fluid. This fluid, also called lymph, contains white blood cells that serve as your primary defender against infection and disease. Between myokines and lymph, it’s obvious the benefits that exercise provides for keeping your body healthy.

Then why don’t we exercise all the time for the best possible health?

The reason for this is that when you exercise at a very high intensity, your body experiences stress that actually briefly puts your immune system in a weakened and vulnerable state. So, for the best immune system benefits, we have to exercise at the correct intensity. How do we know what that intensity is? That is what is so great about EGYM at Apex.

EGYM at Apex utilizes advanced software to determine the right intensity and progression to release as many myokines and move as much lymph as possible to maximize immune support without “overdoing it” and putting yourself in a vulnerable state. EGYM does this by first establishing your body composition and muscular strength. Then, the software will create a customized exercise regimen specific to you, following our “Immunity Boost” program.

The program will progress you to build up more strength and immune system function all at once.

Start today by requesting an EGYM tour, and begin your journey of becoming the healthiest version of yourself!

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