Care for Breastfeeding Struggles

Being a new mom is hard – balancing caring for baby, scheduling appointments, cooking/cleaning, the list goes on!

Don’t add difficulties with breastfeeding to that list! Our team of pelvic health therapists at Apex Physical Therapy and Wellness Center is here to help decrease the stress and questions surrounding breastfeeding. Whether this is your first or fifth child, every breastfeeding experience is different and can pose many different questions or situations – let US help YOU ease the burden in your postpartum journey!

How Do I Know When to Ask for Help with Breastfeeding?

Every new mom’s situation is unique – if you’ve met one mom who’s breastfed, you truly have only met one mom who has breastfed.

However, there are several signs and symptoms to watch out for when breastfeeding your baby. Some signs and symptoms to watch out for (but not limited to) are redness/irritation throughout the breast and chest, fever, chills, skin on breast/nipple is warm to the touch, swelling, pain and/or altered function of the breast or nipple during feeds. If any of these symptoms arise, call Apex Physical Therapy and Wellness Center so we can assess your symptoms and set you up with a treatment plan, to ensure your breastfeeding experience is better for both you AND baby!

What can Apex PT do to help?

The care that our pelvic health team will provide is designed specifically for YOU!

Our team will address your questions and concerns with a unique individualized approach to ensure that your breastfeeding journey is positive.

We wish to be a part of your support system to ensure your needs as a new mom are met!

Our pelvic health team is trained to perform various hands-on techniques to relieve the symptoms associated with (but not limited to) mastitis, blocked milk ducts, milk blebs, and nipple changes or dysfunction. Those techniques include hands-on therapeutic breast massage, lymphatic drainage, hand expression and therapeutic exercises. Not only will you see us in the clinic, but we will also provide you with the tools, techniques, and information to ensure you can successfully manage your symptoms at home between sessions.

Care for breastfeeding conditions is now being offered at our Jamestown, West Fargo, and South Fargo locations. If any of the above information sounds familiar, or if you have additional questions/concerns regarding your breastfeeding journey, don’t hesitate to reach out! Being a new mom is hard, and here at Apex Physical Therapy and Wellness Center, we know that your focus is on baby and their needs – but don’t forget about YOU, and your needs, in the process!

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