Try Yoga to Combat Seasonal Depression

During the winter months it’s easy to fall into a funk.

Whether it be due to seasonal depression, lack of vitamin D, crazy work and home life, or just the daily stress of life. It’s important to set aside time in our day to check in with ourselves and be present in our bodies.

A good way to do this is by doing some breathing, stretching, and yoga poses. Here are some ideas on how to practice this: 

Try Yoga Breath

Start by taking a deep belly breath in for 5 counts, holding for a second, then exhaling for 5 counts.  

Try Yoga Stretching

Next, stretch your arms all the way up to the sky, as far as you can, then let go and fold over to touch your toes – keeping a slight bend in the knees. From here you can either slowly curl back up into a standing position and end with a few deep breaths or continue with some yoga positions.

Try Yoga Touching your toes

From the forward fold position, slowly move into a down dog position, while gently pressing your heels to the ground. Then bringing your knees to the ground, bring your head to the ground as well with your arms and hands stretched out over your head. This called child’s pose. From here I like to end by sitting up and crossing my legs, finishing with a few deep breaths.

There are many health benefits to practicing yoga including: stress reductionreduction in symptoms of depression, improvement in quality of life during times of illness, increased flexibility, increased cardiovascular health, stimulation of brain function, pain reduction, and much more. So, the next time you’re feeling below par, trying some of these poses could help you get back to your normal self! 


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