Unleash Your Potential with EGYM: The Ultimate Cardio Workout Solution

Discover a Fun and Engaging Alternative to Traditional Cardio at EGYM – Apex

When people think of losing weight and exercising, they usually imagine themselves reluctantly stepping on the treadmill and running until they see a desired number on the scale. Normally this results in burnout and in a short amount of time you are right back where you started. You feel dejected and confused about how you can realistically achieve your fitness goals without becoming tired of doing the same thing every day. The good thing for you is that EGYM at Apex offers a fun and engaging alternative to achieve your weight loss goals and improve your cardiovascular fitness.

Try cardio at the EGYM

For many people starting with a bunch of cardio exercises can be intimidating, so EGYM has designed a customized “Weight Loss” program on our resistance machines to help you build a solid foundation. Our staff at Apex will walk you through how to utilize our machines, however, most of the thinking and setup will already be taken care of. Our machines are customized to recognize the user and automatically adjust based on your height, length of your arms/legs, how much weight (resistance) to give you, how many reps, and much more. With our weight loss program, the machines will be programmed to give you less weight, however a larger amount of repetitions and less rest time between machines. The purpose of this is to give you a combined resistance training and cardio workout in as little as 22 minutes.

Additionally, EGYM at Apex offers specific programs on our cardio equipment that are customized to push your limits and take the guessing out of your workouts. You can hop on our seated bike, treadmill, or standing elliptical, and our smart machines will create a high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workout customized for you and your goals. For example, you would step on the elliptical and it would have you exercise at a resistance of 5 for 5 minutes, and then increase to a resistance of 8 for 3 minutes, and then down to a resistance of 6 for 4 minutes. The machine will adjust all on your own and you have to worry about getting your sweat on!

Transform Your Fitness Routine with EGYM and Cardio’s 22-Minute Foundation Builder!

Doing only cardio-based exercise can be daunting and can cause you to give up on your fitness goals before they get started. With EGYM at Apex’s hybrid approach of combined resistance and cardio training, in as little as 22 minutes you can build a strong foundation that will progress you as you get more comfortable and capable. Additionally, our expert staff members are always here to help you avoid the “improvement plateau” with advice on other forms of cardio and resistance training exercises, diet recommendations and much more.

Check out EGYM at Apex today and take the first step on your fitness journey!

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