Cranio Sacral Massage is great for moms and babies!

Practice what you preach

Even massage therapists need some bodywork of their own. A snapshot about what I’ve done in my life regarding pain, therapy and recovery.

Not only am I a massage practitioner at Apex, but I’m writing this blog to tell you I’ve also spent plenty of time on the table as a patient here at Apex. From waking up with a frozen shoulder, to chronic migraines, to post-partum care to just needing to keep my body in line after 35 hours of massage in a week—I use my resources here and have needed plenty of therapy myself.

In case you were wondering, I practice what I preach! After a traumatic birth with my first son, I was in desperate need for some pelvic floor rehab. I had 21 hours of labor, 2 ½ hours of pushing and was TORE up! (Sorry if that is TMI for some of you). After 10 weeks off of healing post birth, per doctors’ orders, I found myself unable to run let alone sneeze without some sort of incontinence. I was an avid runner for most of my life prior and I was devastated. I didn’t even know where to begin as I had ALWAYS been so in shape that this was a worry for me.

Brooke (one of our fabulous women’s health PTs) put me at ease and got me on her schedule and eased me back into shape. Between PT, some CranioSacral therapy, and a lot of hard work at the gym, I started to feel myself again. 4 years later, we tried for our second child and we were not having much luck so I got back on the schedule and within a couple of months of treatment, we were pregnant with our second child—and I am happy to report that the second delivery was SOOO much different than the first. We have two beautiful children and with the knowledge, I already had from the previous therapy, I was able to get myself back into running shape.

While I was on sabbatical from running-I joined Cross Fit. I loved the community and the tough workouts. It really made me feel like the athlete that had always been a big part of my life. But what I learned about myself in doing Cross Fit is that my competitive streak makes my therapist mind take a back seat. During one of the hardest cross fit open workouts that I experienced-I pushed a little too hard & did not stretch very well after…which resulted in waking up to a FROZEN SHOULDER. Riddle me this—how is a MASSAGE THERAPIST supposed to work with a FROZEN SHOULDER.

I felt like an idiot. Why? Why did I need to push so hard?

I was 30-something and really had nothing to prove to anyone, just to myself that I could beat that 20 something girl next to me. Hello, life lesson. I learned a lot about my Ego and a lot about what is important. So, I got on the table.

I put myself on every therapist’s schedule that was available-Kam, Allison, Jason, Sarah—I even got some extra help from my LMT friends.

I was back at 100% in a couple of weeks, but only because I was so diligent in my care. Now, I still love the Cross Fit atmosphere and people, but I know for me, I can’t risk my profession to push past the youngin’ next to me, so now I work out at home where I am in a better mindset to listen to my body and do what feels good for me.

I’ve also suffered from chronic headaches & migraines—I used nutrition, orthopedic PT, dry needling & monthly massages to manage—through all the work, it has been a couple of years since I’ve had a migraine. I’m now working with Kristin, our Postural Restoration expert, to help with my on & off plantar fascia pain & to help with my chronic issues from scoliosis.

Ok. I’m not going to bore you with my every ache and pain—what I can honestly say that I am very passionate about the incredible work my colleagues do here at Apex. These are the smartest, kindest, most compassionate group of individuals there are to work with. If we don’t know-we work together to figure it out or refer out to other care.

We TRULY believe in the healing process and believe in what we do. So much so that we practice what we preach! (when we can get on each other’s schedules). I hope by hearing my story you can understand that no matter what age, what injury, we ALL need therapy at some point in our lives—listen to your body and take care of yourself.

If you need therapy—come to Apex!

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