Common Exercises Done Incorrectly

We’ve all done it before: speeding through exercises or trying something new without the right technique. This can lead to using the wrong muscles, overuse of certain muscles, or causing injury.

Below are some common exercises that are done incorrectly or with the wrong muscle emphasis.

Side-lying hip abduction:

A lot of people don’t lift their leg far enough backwards during this exercise, so they are strengthening their TFL (tensor fascia lata) vs their gluteus medius.


People tend to use only their quads instead of their glutes with this exercise. Squeeze your glutes on the way up to strengthen your backside.

Overhead Press:

When people raise their shoulders with this exercise, they are using their upper traps, a muscle that is commonly overused and too tight. Keep your neck “tall” as you raise your arms.

Hip Flexor Stretch:

Many people tend to lean too far forward with this stretch. All you need is to tuck your pelvis under to feel a good stretch in the front of your hip.

Hamstring Stretch:

“Cheating” is common with this stretch. People bend their back, which makes it look like you are getting farther into the stretch, but your hamstring length doesn’t change. Keep your back straight when stretching your hamstrings for a deeper stretch.

Following the correct procedure is important to making sure that you’re doing the exercises correctly to avoid injury, overuse and get better results.

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