Exercising at Home

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Exercising at home, when going to the gym is just too hectic.

Do you ever have days where getting to the gym and working out feels like it is almost impossible?

Crazy schedule with kids’ activities on top of work?

Cold weather making you want to stay inside?

Blizzard outside making travel hazardous?

Just not enough time in the day?

These, and many others, can be reasons why we miss a workout during the winter season. But luckily for you (and myself!), there are tons of options for exercise that we can do right in our own home.

Throughout this week on our Facebook and other social media pages we have featured multiple different workouts that you can perform while at home with no equipment other than the wall, stairs, and your own body weight.

These workouts have hit many of the main muscle groups in the body, and even given options for short cardio-based exercises. Even though these are a good mix of upper body, lower body, and core exercises, there are plenty of other exercises that you could do at home. So, if you know of other exercises or need to modify the current ones, feel free to personalize these workouts and adjust them as needed.

For example, want to make your workout more cardio based?
Simply jog/sprint intervals for 1min between sets of each exercise, to get that heart rate up!

These exercises can also be a great way to change up your workout routine and challenge your muscles with activities that you may not typically perform at the gym. On top of this, the entire workouts can be performed quickly (Under 30 minutes) as well, so there are no excuses for being too busy or not having enough time! Take 30 minutes in the morning before work to start your day off right; or finish your day strong by relieving all that work day stress by powering through a workout before settling in for the night.

We hope that by giving you these options of workouts at home that you can begin your new year and new resolution on the right note. No more excuses of not having enough time, the right equipment, or any of the other myriad of reasons we come up with to not exercise. Set aside the amount of time to working out in advance, find your space at home, and get to working out. This way, no matter what Mother Nature may have in store for us, we can still find a way to get that workout in!

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