Low Back Pain and Holidays

Zach the Elf trying to hurt his back

Don’t let Low Back Pain Slow you Down during the Holidays

The holiday season can be a very busy and stressful time of year for many reasons. On top of this, we are often performing activities that we might not otherwise be performing during the year. So if you are anything like Elf Zach, you may be dealing with some back pain this holiday season. It may be from dragging that tree or lights out from underneath the stairs or lifting some heavy presents under the tree, but Apex is here to help no matter what the cause.

There can be many reasons for your back pain including a muscle strain or joint sprain and stiffness. Even if you have the feared “slipped disc” or “herniated disc” that no doubt you have heard of, Apex can be there to help you. Physical therapy can be there to help determine what may be troubling you and how to help you on the road to recovery.

In physical therapy, we have many tools that can help you recover from your back pain. These tools can include joint mobilization/manipulation, postural/lifting education, specific exercises, ASTYM, and even Dry Needling.

So if you are suffering from any back pain there is no reason to let back pain make this holiday season any more stressful, come into Apex Physical Therapy to help you get moving again!

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