How Dry Needling can Help Ease the Stress of the Holidays

The holiday season is a wonderful but busy time of year.

Unfortunately, it comes with added stress for some.

Dry Needling and Stress During the HolidaysResearch shows 38% of people report feeling increased stress during the holidays.1  It is the season of shopping, decorating, cooking meals, holiday baking, cleaning and entertaining. This may also lead to financial stress.  And to top it off, the weather is colder causing our muscles to tense up even more.

Dry needling is a great way to decrease tension in muscles to assist with pain relief. It has been around for many years but has really gained popularity over the past few years. Still, many have never heard of it or are not quite sure what it is about.

The treatment involves the insertion of a thin filament needle into soft tissues such as muscle “trigger points”, fascia, tendons, and ligaments. It increases blood flow to the area, stimulating the healing process of these soft tissues. This results in pain relief and the restoration of a healthy physiology, which leads to improved functioning. It is a very useful tool as a physical therapist as it allows us to reach areas of the body we cannot always access through the surface with our hands.

Dry needling often gives quick relief; however, it is not a fix on its own. We recommend dry needling as part of a comprehensive physical therapy treatment program.

Is holiday stress causing you headaches, jaw pain, neck or back pain, or any other pain and tightness?

I highly recommend trying dry needling to ease these aches and pains so you can enjoy the holiday season to its fullest.

1. Berktold, J. & Greenburg, A. Holiday Stress. American Psychological Association online: 12 Dec 2006.

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