How to achieve your physical therapy goals

Be SMART about achieving your goals.

Surgeries and acute injuries are well known to have physical therapists involved with plans of care with specialty guidance essential for optimal recovery. The question is, “Is that all physical therapy is good for?” The answer is simply, no!

Many people have goals that isn’t only just pain relief, but simply getting into an exercise routine and have no idea where to start.

We are all reading or seeing blasts of exercise and diet information and it can be quite overwhelming. Maybe we see exercises focusing on back pain and think, “Well, I can do those.”, but do we? Maybe we actually do them and they make our pain worse, therefore we give up and turn to medications, injections, or expensive imaging. Maybe we would like to run a 5K, but suddenly knee or hip pain starts happening and we just push through the pain rather than addressing possible movement patterns contributing to our pain.

Physical therapists not only want to improve your pain, but TEACH you how to manage it, develop an awareness of our ever-changing bodies, and custom goals specific to each individual. That all sounds great, right? The thing is though, physical therapists also need your readiness to be actively involved in YOUR health.

We want you to be involved and enjoy the success of your pain relief!

It’s hard for many of us to ask for help, when you are ready, we are here!

But we want YOU to play a huge part in setting goals and sticking to them!

Check out the Apex Physical Therapy and Wellness blog for a wealth of information on what physical therapy can help you improve your quality of life.

Here’s a chart for organizing goals and making them SMART.

SSpecific: State exactly what you want to accomplish.
MMeasureable: Use smaller mini-goals to measure progress.
AAchievable: Make your Goals Resonable.
RRealistic: Set a goal that is relevnt to your life.
TTimely: Give yourself time, but set a deadline.
men, this is 40

So, this is 40.

A look at how turning 40 can affect a guy's lifestyle from diet and exercise to social time with friends.
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