Drink plenty of water to stay well lubricated

Have you ever thought about how water affects your muscles and joints?

TL/TR – watch a short video instead.

Being well-hydrated allows your muscles to feel “awake.” Water helps regulate electrolytes, which helps keep your muscles strong and keep you “in control” of your muscles.

Water helps keep your joints lubricated. It does this because it is one of the key ingredients in synovial fluid, a fluid that is in joints. Synovial fluid protects your joints and makes smooth movement easier.

Having enough water can help flush out natural chemicals released from strength training and massages. Too many of these chemicals make us feel sore.

When a person does not have enough water, their blood volume is decreased, making it more difficult for their heart to pump blood throughout the body and bring muscles the oxygen they need. This makes daily activities more draining.

In contrast, a person who is hydrated well usually has an easier time doing activities because their muscles are getting the energy they need from their blood.

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