Don’t Underestimate the Importance of an Administrative Professional!

Our administrative team is a vital part of Apex’s staff

April is the month on the calendar that dedicates a day to celebrate administrative professionals, but couldn’t we all agree they deserve so much more than that? If you yourself are an administrative professional or you work with or personally know someone that is, it’s no joke that they are usually juggling many tasks throughout the entire day! It’s definitely not recognized enough just how much we appreciate them!

Here at Apex, we could not, would not and should not function smoothly without our administrative professionals. We sometimes like to refer to them as ‘the face of Apex’ because they are most often times the people that any patient will have their first interaction with at Apex. Whether that be talking to them on the phone to schedule an appointment or seeing their smiling faces at the front desk greeting you upon check-in. Like most administrative professionals, ours here at Apex fulfill many job duties beyond the day-to-day tasks— some of those including insurance, billing, social media graphic design, product purchasing and so much more!

It would be easy for me to go on and on about how awesome these particular people are at their jobs, and I’m especially bragging about the ones at Apex, but that would get lengthy and repetitive.

So instead I’m asking you to compliment or give them a simple thank you the next time you see them because we would be so lost without them!

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