Introducing Julia

Labor of Love and CST

I have been practicing massage therapy for 19 years.
Within that, I have taken multiple classes for cranial sacral therapy.

Having first experienced the work, I fell in love with it, and have been practicing cst since 2010.

Craniosacral therapy (cst) is a gentle, hands on approach to evaluating and enhancing the cranial, sacral system, compromised of membranes and cranial sacral fluid surrounding and protecting the brain and spinal cord. CST can release tension deep in the body to help reduce pain and improve whole body, health, and performance.

Why I love CST

CST lets us listen to the central nervous system through palpitations and blending with the body’s tissues. It uses a whole-person approach guided by the inner wisdom to treat the person, not the disease or dysfunction. I use the least amount of pressure and influence necessary to support the healing process with compassion and empathy.

Ready to start therapy? 

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