How Cupping is Used to Treat Patients

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How Cupping is Used to Treat Patients

An ancient technique used to improve blood flow, help you relax and reduce inflammation.

Have you ever wanted to be an Olympic athlete? Well here is your chance…OK.

Some of Apex PT cupping equipmentNot really, but Apex provides Myofascial decompression techniques that athletes have used for better performance in the Olympics. This is also known as cupping and you are most likely to remember Michael Phelps and the round circular bruises on his shoulders.

Cupping (aka myofascial decompression) has been around BC. It dates back to ancient Egyptian, Chinese and Middle eastern cultures.
Cupping can benefit many different conditions and help with pain modulation, reducing inflammation, bringing blood flow to the area, and can help with overall relaxation and wellbeing.

At Apex we use acrylic cups that are placed directly on the skin. We have a pump that allows us to remove oxygen to the tissues below the cup and creates a vacuum type seal. This negative pressure draws the skin/tissue up into the cup and allows greater blood flow and fluid to come to the surface of the skin. The increase in blood flow and movement of oxygen and lymph allows for quicker healing of the tissues.

The biggest side effect is the “Michael phelps” bruise. It is safe for most individuals and your therapist will determine if this kind of treatment will benefit you and your healing! Try cupping today!

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