Making Massage a Part of Your New Year Resolutions

Why you Should Treat your Body to More Massages

If you’ve ever had a massage before, your massage therapist has probably told you that you should have a follow-up session in a certain amount of time, whether that be a couple of days, weeks, or monthly.

Have you ever wondered why they recommend return sessions?

As a massage therapist, I recommend return sessions for my client’s based on what I find in their tissues, whether that be tension, adhesions, trigger points, or injuries in the client’s muscle or fascial tissue. Each client’s body is different, and I recommend a different plan of care and approach for each client based on their personal needs and goals.  

Following your massage therapist’s recommended plan of care can have a wide variety of benefits that come with it. Your massage therapist will have your personal goals in mind when recommending their plan of action as well, whether that’s to be pain-free, get back in the gym again, reduce stress levels, play with your kids and grandkids more easily, get through the workday without a kink in the neck; whatever your goal is, that’s what we have in mind!

Some benefits of following the plan that we recommend are reaching these goals as timely as possible. Other benefits that may be a coincidental side effect, include seeing improvement in mood, mobility, stress, anxiety, blood circulation, and reduced pain.  

So often with the New Year, we see on TV or hear on the radio or even at lunch with a friend about how others are resolving to do “less” in the New Year: less eating out, fewer carbs, less spending, less stress, less drama, etc… But what if your resolution was to do more?

What if instead, we changed our mindset of taking things away from our daily routine, to adding something that may make the world of difference in not just your year, but your entire quality of life? What if your resolution was to make massage part of your healthcare routine? By adding massage into your healthcare routine, you could also lower your blood pressure, manage arthritic pain, improve your immune system, improve sleep function, successfully manage fibromyalgia pain, and improve digestive health.  

With all these benefits, it’s hard to argue that massage would not benefit every person in some type of way. If these benefits don’t have you already swayed to give regular massage a shot, your Apex Massage Therapists also work as a team with our Physical Therapists.

We work closely with our clients and patients to rehab injuries of all kinds, whether that be sports or work-related, or you have been in an accident of any kind. We have the ability to work with your personal schedule and come up with a plan of treatment that works well for you.

There’s no better time than now to take your health into your own hands! 

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Written by:

Licensed Massage Therapist

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