My Feet are Giving me a Headache

My feet are giving me a headache!

Shoes may compliment your outfit, but not how well you feel at the end of the day

Think substance over style.

We never really think that what we are putting on our feet may affect how we feel at the end of the day. We likely have numerous pairs of shoes in our closets that are chosen based on how they complement our clothing. Our bodies must adapt to whatever we decide to put on our feet in the morning as our feet are the only thing that meets the floor when we are upright. Our shoes can affect our posture from the floor all the way up to our heads. I will even go so far to say wobbly feet on the floor increase the strain of our eyes for balance.

There are so many different types of feet. Some of you have a right foot that is different than the left. Some of you have feet that have changed over time. There are flat feet, arched feet, stiff feet, squishy feet. These differences influence the type of footwear you will feel best in. One of the first things I do with many of my patients is get as much stability between the foot and the floor that I can in order to decrease postural strain. This comes in many forms such as shoes that meet certain criteria, the addition of arches or heel wedges to shoes, and custom orthotics in some cases.

If you have foot pain or have been told that your feet are affecting other parts of your body, come on in for an evaluation. We also offer custom orthotics made through a lab that has developed specific materials to allow the foot to function how it naturally should. I have found oftentimes that patients are in an orthotic that is far to rigid to allow normal foot function. I oftentimes transition them out of these in order to re-develop their muscles appropriately.

In the words of Dr. Seuss, “How many, many feet you meet”.

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