Our Achilles Heel

Our Patient Care Coordinators are the lifeblood of our company

Not a Weakness, but a Strength

The “Achilles” of something or someone is thought of as a weakness, which has a negative connotation. Vulnerable might seem like a more appropriate word, with the understanding that altering a “minor” area can have major repercussions. The front desk staff at Apex has been thought of as the Achilles, but in a positive sense.  

The title of Administrative Assistant was recently upgraded to Patient Care Coordinator (PCC). This better encompasses our responsibilities and roles at Apex. We are the first to greet our patients and the last to say, ‘Have a good day!’ as they walk out the door. We have the patient’s best interests in mind when scheduling and verifying health benefits. Hours are spent on the phone, compiling records, and getting referrals to help our patients get the best coverage.  

Each of us builds a relationship with patients, starting with the first conversation to schedule. It continues through their plan of care. Some even maintain these relationships after they have “graduated” from physical therapy. We are welcomed into their lives as they share other information not pertaining to their reason for entering the doors of Apex.  

We tend to be the keepers of Apex. Helping the therapists with patients, keeping the space in working order, and wearing many other hats that are required that day. We provide continuous support, whether it is mental or emotional. When we are short of a PCC one day, it is hard for just anyone to fill that void. 

The Patient Care Coordinators are the Achilles of Apex, not because we are weak, but because we play a crucial role in Apex’s everyday business and a patient’s overall experience. And we would not have it any other way! 

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Our Patient Care Coordinators

Our Achilles Heel

Our Patient Care Coordinators are vital part of the Apex Care Team.
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