Rotator Cuff Tears or Tendinitis

Rotator Cuff Tears

The rotator cuff is a group of 4 muscles and their tendons which attach the upper arm bone to the shoulder blade. Sometimes, injuries to this group of muscles occur from trauma, such as falling, or straining to the shoulder.

Risk of injury increases as we age but is also common in athletes or those performing heavy labor. Symptoms of a rotator cuff tear or tendinitis include pain at the top of the shoulder or down the outside of the arm, weakness, decreased shoulder motion, as well as difficulty lifting the arm up or bringing it behind your back. Some rotator cuff tears may require surgical intervention, but physical therapy will continue to be essential to restore function.

At Apex, our therapists will perform a thorough evaluation to determine the best plan of care for your specific needs and goals. 

Treatments to get you back to your previous lifestyle may include :

  • range of motion and strengthening exercises
  • manual therapy
  • patient education
  • pain management techniques
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