Why Your Physical Therapist Should Be Your Go-to Specialist for Movement Dysfunctions

Physical therapists are movement experts

North Dakota is a direct access state – you can schedule a session for physical therapy without a doctor’s referral.

We are experts in how the body moves.Often times, when we develop an ache or pain, our first thoughts are to just rest and wait it out or to take some over the counter medicine and get on with our day. Sometimes, that’s all it takes. But most of the time, the pain or irritation lingers and it’s time to take action. After days, or sometimes weeks, of lingering pain, we make an appointment with our primary care physician.

Physical therapists specialize in the human body and how it moves. They are skilled in treating movement dysfunctions. Studies have shown that orthopedic surgeons and physical therapists are the top two healthcare professionals with the best understanding of anatomy and movement of the human body. Making an appointment with a PT first before an orthopedic is going to be quicker (and easier on the wallet)! With their vast knowledge on anatomy and physiology, PT’s should be our go-to specialists for movement dysfunctions.

While traditional medicine most certainly has it’s time and place, physical therapy can often times offer faster results at less expense for your musculoskeletal discomforts, pains and injuries.

At Apex Physical Therapy and Wellness Center we have a vast team of physical therapists who have specialized training in many different areas. Some of the specialties offered at Apex include: dry needling, ASTYM, general orthopedics, sports injury, men’s & women’s pelvic health rehabilitation, pediatric bowel and bladder dysfunction, injury prevention, post-concussion treatment, vestibular treatment, Parkinson’s, spinal manipulation, visceral manipulation, cranio-sacral therapy, and worker’s comp rehabilitation.

North Dakota is a direct access state, meaning that anyone can receive physical therapy without a physician’s prescription or referral. At Apex Physical Therapy, we offer complementary movement screens to assess how you move, and from there, we can make a plan to help your body learn to move more healthfully, which, over time and proper treatment, can help eliminate pain, and prevent or overcome injury.

At Apex, patients will receive 60 minutes of full one-on-one care with their physical therapist. This allows your physical therapist to get to know you on an individual level to provide the best possible care to meet your needs and goals. Whether it’s an unresolving migraine, increased muscle tension due to the recent holidays, lingering knee pain, or pain from shoveling in the not-so friendly ND winter – let the movement specialists at Apex Physical Therapy and Wellness Center get you back on your feet and feeling your best again to start 2020 off right!

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