Acute Low Back Pain

Acute Low Back Pain

Acute low back pain is pain is often caused by sudden injury to muscle, joints, ligaments or discs of the low back.  This leads to inflammation of the tissues as part of the healing process.  Acute back pain heals with time, usually within a few days or a few weeks.   There can be many causes of low back pain, so your physical therapist will determine if the cause is musculoskeletal in nature or if there could be an underlying medical issue that would warrant a referral to a physician.


Acute low back pain may cause a variety of symptoms depending on the cause.  Common symptoms include dull or achy pain, muscle spasms or tightness, pain or burning into the buttock or down the leg.  You may have difficulty standing up straight, walking or moving from sit to stand.  Prolonged sitting or standing may increase the pain.

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Because there can be many causes and symptoms of acute low back pain, our skilled physical therapist will work with you and complete a full evaluation to create the best plan of care for your needs and personal goals.

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