Chronic Neck Pain

Chronic Neck Pain

Chronic neck pain is pain in your neck that persists longer than the typical injury healing time (> 3 months).  It may be due to an underlying issue of the spine like stenosis, degenerative disc disease or degenerative joint disease.   Sometimes there is no known or identifiable cause of the pain.


Chronic neck pain may present with a wide variety of symptoms.  The pain can range from dull and achy to sharp and burning to stiffness.  It may spread to other parts of the body like your upper back, shoulders and arms.  The pain may be constant or come and go intermittently.

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Because of the wide variety of symptoms, your therapist will perform a thorough evaluation of your neck and surrounding structures to identify the cause of the pain.  Following the exam, your physical therapist will work with you to create a plan of care that best suits your personal goals and needs.

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