Elizabeth Magee, RD, LRD

Licensed Registered Dietician

Elizabeth Magee, RD, LRD

I’m Elizabeth Magee, RD, LRD my husband’s name is Nick and between the two of us, we have four kids.  

Harper, 15
Griffin, 13
Harper, 10
Henley, 7

I went to school at NDSU and I’ve been a dietitian for 7 years with experience in eating disorders, cardiac rehab, Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes, pediatric obesity, obesity/weight loss, and celiac disease to name a few things. I enjoy helping people learn how to manage a disease or problem through diet and nutrition and educating people on different aspects of wellness. I’m a good encouraged and a firm believer that all foods can fit into a balanced diet.  

I enjoy staying active but also taking naps; watching the kids in all of their activities; traveling and hanging out with friends.  

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