Kristin Guderian, PT, DPT

Doctor of Physical Therapy

Kristin Guderian, PT, DPT

Kristin received her Doctorate degree in Physical Therapy from Des Moines University, Iowa in 2010. During a clinical rotation in PT school, she was introduced to Postural Restoration by her Clinical Instructor. Soon after graduating from PT school she pursued continuing education through the Postural Restoration Institute (PRI) in Lincoln, Nebraska. Following the first course, she was hooked and has continued to increase her breadth of knowledge in PRI.

Kristin’s practice is primarily treating patients with chronic pain or injuries that are not responding to traditional treatments. She believes that at times the body’s compensation for injury can result in issues that persist long after the injury has healed. She works to restore movement and breathing that is non-compensatory to restore mobility and function. She fits for custom foot orthotics and has collaborated with area Dentists and Optometrists to assist her patients in meeting their goals.

Kristin and her husband Adam have twin boys, Liam and Carter.

Kristin treats patients at our West Fargo location.

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