Video: Common Overuse Injuries from Playing Volleyball

Volleyball was started in 1895 by William G. Morgan. Morgan thought the recently developed game of basketball was too vigorous and wanted a game with less physical contact. Because there is less physical contact, volleyball athletes are more prone to overuse injuries than acute ones. Repetitive motions and improper techniques can lead to overuse injuries.
This video shows the extreme positions of rotation the shoulder is placed in when serving the ball. Over time, this repetitive motion can lead to injuries of the tendons and ligaments that support the shoulder, causing pain.

Areas of the body most affected due to an overuse injury in volleyball are:

  • Shoulders: from overhead high-stress motions of spiking and serving
  • Knees: due to frequent jumping with blocking, hitting, and quickly diving for a ball
  • Back: from bending and rotating the trunk like when going for a dig and with hitting and serving the ball

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