Services Offered at Apex Physical Therapy & Wellness

Since October is National Physical Therapy Month, we would like to give some basic information on services we offer and how they can help you or someone you know. We have many specialized treatment options at Apex to help best fit the needs of our patients.

These include:

Co-Owner Kameron working with a patient with ASTYM therapy


A set of tools used to “scrape” scar tissue away, resulting in increased blood flow, increased ease of movement, and healing of the underlying tissue.

Demonstrating how to use the BFRT


blood flow restriction therapy uses blood pressure cuffs set to a specific pressure on each different person to strengthen muscles with less strenuous movements than higher level strengthening exercises. It is a safe way to gain strength quickly and efficiently.

Dry Needling:

Needles are used to get rid of knots in tissue and help those pesky areas where tendonitis occurs. This tends to relax specific tight muscles faster than deep tissue work.

Stay balanced this week!

LSVT Big program:

This is a program for people with Parkinson’s disease. The program uses big movements to retrain the body and brain from the small movements that usually come with Parkinson’s.



Used to either inhibit or enhance muscle performance with different taping methods. It can also be used for joint support and decreases bruising.

Pelvic floor pain? Breathing might help

Pelvic health:

Our wonderful team of pelvic health therapists can help treat conditions such as bladder and bowel incontinence, leakage, pelvic pain, and more. These are common issues that can get overlooked.

Performance Arts Therapy

Performing arts care:

Dancers and musicians are highly specialized athletes who benefit from being cared for by someone who knows the demands that are brought on by these activities. We have a highly specialized physical therapist who has many years of personal experience as a dancer and musician.

manual therapy at Apex

Sports specialties:

Our therapists have a wide range of experiences playing different sports. That combined with knowledge of the body and biomechanics, our therapists help athletes be the best they can be, whether it is helping rehab from an injury or enhancing technique and skills.

Inner ear model


The inner ear, brain, and nervous system can experience injury just like our muscles. Our highly skilled vestibular specialist helps people recover from dizziness, brain fog, and more.

ACHIEVING OPTIMAL RESULTS Through Specialized Physical Therapy

Visceral mobilization:

Our inner organs can get “stiff” just like our muscles. We can mobilize ligaments, tendons, and muscles that hold organs in place and facilitate organs to work optimally.

PT helps with constipation

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Lie down for better Osteoporosis care

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