Camping with Kids

Camping is a Great Family Activity

Do you ever feel like you are forgetting something when you are camping?

Here is a list we find helpful when we are camping with our children.

Bring the Snacks

Camping? bring food!

As most parents know,  you can never have enough snacks! Kids are growing and can be famished after long days of activity.

Pack it in

Have your child pack a backpack for “adventure time”.

Have them put bug spray, sunscreen (if old enough to be responsible with it), water bottle and snacks. This helps them learn to take charge of adventure time and be responsible for something. Kids love to be helpers so encourage them to haul a bag just like you! (Make it light as you might end up carrying it some of the way, but all in all, it will be worth them trying something new and gaining some independence). Plus, it’s a great place for all those nature things they find and want to bring home!

Have a Backup Plan

Plan for a tent day!

Weather is never guaranteed when camping, and if you get a sudden downpour and need to be in the tent or camper for a while, have a few things ready- a couple of books, card games, coloring books, and washable markers.

First things First

First Aid Kits

Fully stocked First Aid kit including anti-itch cream and calamine lotion, bug spray, sunblock, band-aids and more. You want their camping experience to be fun and comfortable.

Pack a Potty

Kids can be wary about porta-potties and outhouses, and tend to worry about falling in.

Got the Glow?

Try Glowsticks

Bring some glowsticks, kids love them. We use them at night around the fire or in the camper instead of a flashlight.

Hope this helps ease some of the stress packing brings.

Now get out on the next adventure!

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