So… this is 40.

Accept the challenge of change.

When I was in my 20’s, I was always annoyed when my older male peers would say things like “just wait until your 40”. I thought that they just were being wimpy, or worse, they let themselves get out of shape.

So I am going to start this blog with this sentence….. I am sorry for judging, and all of you were right!

Let it be known, I am not yet 40. I have 7 months left of my 30s and I am clinging to 39 like a kid to his parent’s leg at a doctor’s office. Despite still being in my 30’s, I am feeling in my 40’s. And I am starting to realize that things I could get away with in my 20’s are just not possible. I am also realizing that many of us men are not very proactive with our health. This is confirmed by statistics. Women have a life expectancy 5 years longer than men. There are many reasons that contribute to this, some of which we don’t have control over. But there are things that we can take control of not just to improve our life expectancy, but also improve the quality of our lives.

5 things that men can do to take control and accept the challenge of change.

See your primary care provider regularly

Start to regularly see your primary care physician

Men need to not just be better about going in when they are having a problem, but also need to be better about having regular check-ups. Men are far more likely to not go to routine check-ups or physicals.

Establish your primary Physical Therapist

Establish a primary physical therapist

PT’s are the movement experts. And we are the experts at conservative treatment for muscle and skeletal issues. Getting to a therapist early when problems are being noticed will keep those little aches and injuries from slowing us down, and will prevent them from turning into something bigger.

TL/TR – watch a short video instead.

Stay Socially Connected

Stay Socially Connected

For reasons that aren’t entirely clear, people with fewer and weaker social connections (which tends to include men more often than women) tend to have higher death rates. This is important for our emotional health. Try and reach out and talk with friends and family daily.

Sleep and Recovery

Get enough rest and recovery

Regular sleep patterns and getting at least 6-8 hours of sleep per night improve life expectancy. Its not just sleep that is important though. Mental recovery through prayer or medication are great ways to recharge and recover during the day



This would not be a legit list if it did not include making healthy lifestyle changes with diet and exercise. This is widely known. How to do this is a harder step. A Physical Therapist could be a great starting point for a person to start to make those changes.

PT helps with constipation

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