Soccer Season Preparation

Game On!

Soccer is a great game as it requires coordination, core strength, balance, speed, stamina, etc. One very important aspect of playing soccer is single limb balance. Whether you are passing, receiving a pass, or shooting, you must stand on 1 leg to perform those activities. Just look at the pictures below of soccer greats Henry, Messi, and Morgan, and you can see how often you end up on a single leg playing soccer.

Soccer Greats

COVID 19 has affected almost everything and everyone in this country one way or another. Unfortunately, high school and youth sports are going to be dealing with some of the ramifications over the next year. With the very real possibility of shortened seasons due to COVID, you may be getting ready to play soccer this summer or fall with fewer practices and less time to prepare. Soccer is such a unique sport, as 99% of the game is played with your feet, and no other major sport requires that. That means you must prepare a little differently to get ready for a soccer season as compared to football, volleyball, etc . Since there likely won’t be as much time to prepare for the season, it’s a good idea to start working on your single leg balance now rather than later. Not only will this help improve your game, but it also will help reduce your chance of injury.

As you prepare for the season, add in some of these single leg balance drills that can help improve your overall balance and will translate well to improving your game whether you are a striker, midfielder, defender, or goalie. (Yes, even goalies need to have good single leg balance!)

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BOSU Ball Balance

BOSU Balance

Start by trying to balance for 20 seconds and when comfortable, have a partner throw a ball to kick with opposite leg.

Fire Hydrant

Fire Hydrant

Move your bent leg in and out. Start with a chair, then progress to no chair, and then add a band around your knees.


Single Leg Cone Reach

Single Leg Cone Reach

Start with one cone in front of you and then progress to multiple cones spread out around you.

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