The ABC’s and 123’s to think about when heading Back to School!

The ABCs of Back to School

A: Activity

Builds strong bones and muscles, reduces feelings of stress and anxiety, improves brain function, helps with quality of sleep as well as aid in preventing future health issues.

B: Breathe

Deep breathing helps you slow your heart rate, and regulate your autonomic nervous system allowing you to better focus your attention on the task at hand.

C: Casual Footwear

Sometimes cute shoes aren’t always the healthiest option. If your feet are hurting, usually everything else hurts. Keeping your feet better aligned helps to evenly distribute your body weight. This can ease pain and pressure in other areas of your body as well.

The 123’s of Essential back to school Essential Oils

1: Peace and Calming

Creates a calming environment for homework and bedtime.

2: Thieves

Helps boost your immunity.

3: Veviter

To help you focus.

Aging Gracefully - talk to your PT or doctor to see how you can age gracefully

Aging Gracefully

You can continue to improve your life as you age by integrating good sleep, exercise and social activities.
Stretches for back to school

Back to School Stretches

Gearing up with Back to School backpacks, pencils, and paper have your kids add some stretches in their daily routine.
back to exercise postpartum

Postpartum Return to Exercise

Being a new mom is stressful. And stressing out over getting back to the gym and working out might not ease the transition.
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