The No Fun, Very Good Day at Crossfit

Coming from a fellow Crossfitter and recreational weightlifter, we all know those common areas that we overlook.

Want to compete and perform well? Then we need to include these into our weekly routines. As physical therapists, we pride ourselves on being movement experts and promoting holistic health.

Here are few easy tips to meet the demands our bodies so desire, especially when competing in Crossfit:

Getting Enough Sleep

When we are sore our muscles undergo microtrauma that was induced by the exercise. These little tears give signals for our body to heal and to develop more muscle allowing us to get stronger. Most healing happens during sleep. AKA-want to get strong? Work out and get some SLEEP.

How much? A minimum 7-9 hours per night is recommended by experts.

Decrease Stress

Exercise has been shown to decrease stress, but did you know it can also increase stress when performed in the wrong intensity or mindset? If we are stressed then do a high-intensity workout, it can actually increase cortisol (a stress hormone) rather than decrease it.

So how do we approach this?

  1. Be mindful and TRUTHFUL to yourself about how stressed you are.
  2. Movement will still help but try a moderate to low intensity workout or modify the exercise.
  3. Think big picture: do what is best for your overall health. If you need to take a day off, do it. It’s okay. Your future self will thank you.

Improve Mobility

In reality, this is an area that most of us don’t enjoy. We aren’t shooting for a goal or gaining that adrenaline rush. It’s not always fun, but highly needed. If we want to continue to push ourselves in our lifts, we need to be able to move and move well. Studies have shown the most commonly injured body parts in Crossfit workouts include shoulder, low back, and knee injuries. We often need to gain mobility to move more effectively and prevent injury.

Here are a few examples of exercises to work on your hip mobility that may prevent knee injuries:

Knee Stretch with bandKnee Stretch with band part 2

*To start, try holding the band stretches 30-45 seconds for 2-3 sets per side and the rotational stretches 1-2 sets of 10 reps per side*

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Start here for arm stretchExpand towards the ceiling

For more information and instruction come visit us at Apex Dynasty and we can help you give what your body needs to perform at the highest levels to achieve your fitness goals.

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