6 Steps to a Perfect Night’s Sleep

Remember to Spring AHEAD this spring, daylight savings time is just around the corner.

As Daylight savings time comes around again this year on March 14th, I must remember that we fall back and SPRING ahead! Although we are all itching for warmer weather, it is always hard to lose an hour of sleep.

Sleep is so important to all of us so listed below are good ideas and suggestions to get your “perfect” night’s sleep!

Also, quick fun fact—March 19th is World Sleep Day, so this is a great time to be talking all things sleep. Because I know you are probably reading this right before bed (refer to the last bullet), it is short and sweet and in a quick review, list format.

How to Craft the Perfect Sleep

  1. What is the temperature in your room?
    1. Can you auto-set your thermostat? Ideal sleeping temperature is 65 degrees. Your body naturally lowers your temperature as you snooze, so if you can help assist in lowering the temperature, the easier you can fall asleep.
  2. How dry is your air?
    1. Check into a humidifier! Dry air affects your nasal passageways that can lead to dry lips, scratchy throat, and congestion. Hello Midwest winter…but spring is on its way. Bringing in allergies and another reason to have moving air!
  3. Did you brush your teeth?
    1. Your mouth is the connection to the rest of your body! Fresh breath is wonderful, but the real reason to brush is to get rid of the bacteria and create a clean environment in your mouth! Research has shown a connection to having good oral health and healthier cardiovascular health. So, get that 2-minute timer started and get brushing!
  4. What about the lights?
    1. An hour before going to bed, start to dim your lights. It will help start the process of relaxation and allowing your melatonin levels (a hormone you naturally release for sleep) to increase to help you fall asleep faster.
    2. Research has shown even a small amount of lights can affect your sleep. So, close those blinds, turn off the TV and it may even be time to invest in some black-out shades!
  5. Is your brain racing?
    1. Here is a shout-out to brain health! March is Brain Injury Awareness Month. Check out this link if you want to dive into the brain and importance of protecting it.
    2. Take time to get out all your thoughts. Have a paper and a pen next to your bed to get things out of your mind. Ok, I’ll admit, I do use my phone to jot down my next day’s to-do-list. But, if you must use your phone, remember to turn down the brightness to not disrupt the melatonin hormone.
  6. What is your routine?
    1. Do you drink a sleepy time tea? If so, make sure it doesn’t have caffeine.
    2. Do you read a book before bed? We all get suckered into technology so turn down that brightness on a tablet screen, if not reading a paper book form.
    3. Are you on your phone? I bet you are right now! Caught you. Try to limit your screen time an hour or 2 before bed. Also try to avoid controversial articles, as anxiety will make it harder to fall asleep! Instead, focus or think of 3 good things that happened in your day to retrain your mind to focus on the good of the day!

Now that you have some points to incorporate into your night’s sleep, turn off your phone, close your blinds, and get some zzzzzs… If you don’t sleep, you can’t function, so close those eyes and know I am wishing you the best night sleep!

Remember, tomorrow will be the start of a beautiful new day!

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