March Madness and More

This Spring get Ready for Tournaments

The month of March is one of the great months for sports all year (maybe the best??), with arguably the biggest and best tournaments on television.

Watching this much basketball often makes one want to get out there and shoot around or even play a pickup game. If you are anything like me, it may be the first time you have picked up our basketball gear in some time. With that, some of the weekend warrior-type injuries may show up; plantar fasciitis, shin splints, pulled groin muscles. Even if that is not the case and you play often, injuries are still a common occurrence with playing basketball.

When these injuries occur, Physical Therapy can be a great first stop to get back in the game.

It also that time of year for our youth basketball tournaments on the weekends. Whether it is high school, middle school, or even younger, these tournaments can put a lot of strain on our bodies. With playing multiple games over the course of a couple of days, or even multiple games in one day, pain and injury can come along with this increased intensity.

Some of these common injuries can include ankle sprains, knee pain, patellofemoral pain, Achilles tendinitis among others.

Don’t despair though, all of these injuries and pain can be treated here at Apex Physical Therapy. So if you know someone who got injured playing basketball, it can be beneficial to get it checked out right away so that injury does not develop into something worse and also to get ourselves back to the top of our game.

Even though we might not all be partaking in the big tournament this March, Apex Physical Therapy can be there to help you through your basketball-related injuries, so be sure to stop in to begin your road to recovery!

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