What is ASTYM?

ASTYM is a tool used to treat scar tissue

Have you heard of ASTYM?

No, not E-stim (electrical stimulation.)

ASTYM is a method of manual therapy that involves tools. There are three tools involved. The evaluator. The localizer. And the Isolator.

These sound like a bunch of WWE wrestlers, but they are great hand-held tools for decreasing soft-tissue dysfunction, especially getting rid of scar tissue.

Scar tissue can occur for a number of reasons. The most commonly thought of reason for scar tissue is from surgery. When an incision is made, scar tissue has to form to heal the tissue in the area. Another way scar tissue can form is from repetitive movements. If you move your body over and over in a way that is taxing, (repetitive lifting, reaching, even sitting in certain positions) scar tissue may form because your body is trying to protect itself. Yet another reason scar tissue forms is after an acute injury (car accident, ankle sprain.) The scar tissue forms to protect and strengthen the injured area. Scar tissue can lead to tissue tightness, causing decreased motion, and increased pain.

ASTYM tools are used by “scraping” the tools parallel along the muscle fibers. Scar tissue is more of a cross-hatch pattern, so when the tools are going parallel along the fibers, they only disrupt scar tissue, not healthy tissue. When the scar tissue is disrupted, it is important to work the surrounding healthy musculature to make sure the scar tissue does not return.

If you have scar tissue from surgeries, if you have been in a car accident, if you have a sprain, or if you have tried other treatments that have not worked, ASTYM may be just what the doctor ordered.

Come on in to try it out!

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