What to Expect During Your First Physical Therapy Appointment

Your first physical therapy appointment

What to Expect During Your First Physical Therapy Appointment

What a typical physical therapy appointment with Apex looks like

People come to physical therapy for a number of reasons. Maybe someone just had surgery. Maybe someone sprained their ankle. Maybe someone strained their back shoveling snow. There are countless scenarios in which someone could benefit from physical therapy. Even something as general as, “my body just doesn’t feel right.”

Thousands of people get pain relief, increased mobility, and increased function from physical therapy every day. How does this happen? It starts with the first appointment.

Here is what a typical first visit at Apex will look like for you:

  • As soon as you enter, you will feel a welcoming, open atmosphere.
  • You will check in and fill out some paperwork that is helpful in determining how to best treat your condition.
  • Next, your physical therapist will greet you and bring you to a private treatment room.
  • Your therapist will ask you questions about your pain/injury/surgery. They may also ask you other questions related to your overall health that may be impacting your issue.
  • Tests and measures such as range of motion, strength, joint mobility, movement patterns, and more may be assessed by your therapist.
  • Your therapist will explain findings, educate you on your condition, possibly start treatment, and may give you a home exercise program to jump-start your progress.
  • Based on the findings during the session, you and your therapist will discuss a plan of action for how to best get you back to the function you want!

Working with a physical therapist is a partnership. They have the knowledge and expertise to work with your body, but you are in your body day in and day out. You are an integral part of your own healing. A physical therapist’s goal is to help your body heal using a variety of techniques, and to educate you on how to take care of your own body.

Come and see what physical therapy can do for you!  

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