When is the best time to come see a physical therapist after an injury?

You’ve Suffered an injury: Now what?

There are many reasons to see a physical therapist, but one of the more common reasons is because of an injury. An injury can be as mild as an ankle sprain or an achy shoulder and all the way to an ACL tear or dislocated shoulder and anything in between. Any time you feel some increased pain start after a change in activity, it can be a good time to go see a physical therapist.

North Dakota is a Direct Access State

An important thing to understand is that in North Dakota there is direct access, meaning that you don’t need to go see your doctor before you come to physical therapy. Physical therapists are the experts in the musculoskeletal system and are one of your best resources when you first injure yourself. They can help you determine the extent of your injury, what steps forward you should take, and can now even refer you for an X-Ray if necessary, based on your injury. This can help speed up your recovery by getting the appropriate rehab started more efficiently.

Based on the extent of your injury/pain, a physical therapist might simply provide you with education to minimize swelling and give you a few basic exercises, and might lay out a therapy plan of care to help decrease pain and get you back to your prior level of function or refer you for further imaging and a second opinion.

It’s always better to see a physical therapist sooner than later when first injuring yourself, as appropriate care in the early stages of an injury usually helps get you back to what you were doing prior to injury sooner and with fewer setbacks.

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