Your Knee Pain may not be Coming From your Knee

3 Reasons why Your Knee Pain May not Be from your Knee

A traumatic and vague pain can be confusing, especially at the knee. Sometimes knee pain is acute and other times it comes on slowly. Old injuries might flare-up or lifestyle activities may contribute. Nonetheless, knee pain can be quite problematic if we aren’t able to sleep or functional activities, such as stairs or driving, are difficult. The interesting part, sometimes our knee pain has nothing to do with our knee at all.

Your Knee Pain may not be Coming From your Knee

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Your Back

Sometimes nerve pain can travel from a low back dysfunction. The pain will travel the path of the nerve, which sometimes stops at the knee or can even travel down to the ankle. This pain can sometimes feel achy, sharp, numbness, tingling, or pins and needles. Decreasing muscle and nerve tension and strengthening the core could help resolve pain traveling down the leg that may involve the knee.

Hip Replacement Arthroplasty

Your Hips

Our hips can also contribute to knee pain. Muscle weakness or muscle tightness, which can be identified by your physical therapist, will likely be an important to treat to improve knee pain. Poor hip control may play a role in the mechanics of squatting or jumping techniques that are causing knee discomfort. Incorporating hip treatment will likely be beneficial in reducing knee pain.

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Your Feet

Finally, the arches of our feet or tight calf muscles may contribute to knee pain. Without proper foot support, incorrect pressure may aggravate different areas of our knee or lower leg. Physical therapy can help growing and developing athletes in high level activities identify and treat tight or weak muscles. Additionally, physical therapy can assist working or retired adults to find the correct foot support for painfree functional activities.

Make sure to talk to a physical therapist

These are not by all means the only reasons for knee pain. However, is intriguing to learn that identifying knee pain is sometimes more complicated than one would expect. If you are suffering from knee pain, don’t hesitate to make an appointment for a physical therapist to help you and start enjoying being pain-free!

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Written by:

Jenna Bain

Doctor of Physical Therapy, Certified Dry Needling

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