Pediatric Bladder and Bowel Program

Children develop the ability to control their bowel/bladder function at different ages with many children developing the ability to control daytime wetting before nighttime wetting. It is common for children to have “accidents” during this transition period even after they have been “potty trained”.

“Enuresis” is the medical term for urinary incontinence (leakage of urine) and may be caused by something as simple as your child being constipated. Typically children are not seen about their daytime/nighttime wetness till age 5 due to the child still developing control of their bowel/bladder until this age.

Constipation is another common bowel dysfunction in childhood, but can last into adulthood as well.  Regular bowel movements are a necessary part of our overall health. The normal range for bowel movements can vary from 3 times/day to 3 times/week.  In children, the pelvic floor may be in a tightened state from all their activity during the day or they may not take enough time during bathroom breaks to fully empty their bowels.  This is just one of the many factors that a pelvic rehabilitation specialist at Apex can help teach children to relax their pelvic floor to allow the bowels to move.

Common Myths about Incontinence

Myth: Decreasing a child’s fluid intake will decrease their incontinence
Fact: Decreasing fluids can lead to dehydration, which actually increases incontinence

Myth: Once a child has been diagnosed with incontinence, nothing can be done about it.
Fact: Incontinence can almost always be successfully resolved, treated or managed.

Myth: All children gain control of their bladder and bowels at the same age.
Fact: Children develop control at different ages depending on their physical and cognitive development, as well as their environment. It is typical for a child to develop bladder/bowel control between two and five years of age.

Physical Therapy is a key component for children with bowel/bladder issues. Pelvic Floor Therapists can help children gain control over their bladder/bowels using a non-invasive approach and biofeedback system which allows your child to visually see the activity of their bowel/bladder muscles. Our treatment plan also includes some behavioral modification, dietary modification, and looking for postural dysfunctions. A home program will be specifically designed for your child that will incorporate both child and parent participation. Let Apex help your child be “The Boss” of their bowel/bladder and let them gain more control of their bowel/bladder habits!