A Common Injury – Torn Achilles Heel

Achilles Heel Injuries are Common in Professional Sports and Everyday Life.

Patrick Ewing, Kobe Bryant, Dominque Wilkins and Kevin Durant, all past or current NBA Players, all have 1 statistic in common. Any guesses?

It isn’t points, rebounds, assists, steals, turnovers, or anything the NBA keeps track of. All four of these players tore or significantly injured their Achilles tendon during their careers. Achilles tendon injuries happen mostly to inactive men ages 20-45, along with men and women in 60’s-70’s. Approximately 230,00 people a year in the US tear or injure their Achilles tendon.

When you tear or significantly injure your Achilles tenon there are two routes you can go to fix it. Your options are surgery or a more conservative approach that involves casting, booting, and therapy. More active individuals, athletes or the weekend warrior type, usually opt for the surgery, but there has been some success with a more conservative approach.

If you have an Achilles injury, whether it is torn or not, physical therapy can help decrease pain and improve function.

Physical therapists often see people who have Achilles/ankle pain.


Co-Owner Kameron working with a patient with ASTYM therapy

Specially designed noninvasive tools that are used to help leverage the body’s healing ability to improve overall functional outcomes. (https://astym.com/)

Dry Needling

Dry Needling is a great way to help with pain.

Using small monofilament needles to decrease pain, treat underlying muscle tension and muscular trigger points, along with helping decrease neuromuscular pain.

Manual Therapy

manual therapy at Apex

Soft tissue and joint mobilizations performed by a trained physical therapist to help with pain modulation and ROM.


Using tape to help support your Achilles tendon, foot, and ankle so that you are better able to heal.

Therapeutic Exercise

Properly loading your tendon, foot, and ankle to improve your strength and decrease your pain.

No matter your type of Achilles injury, Apex Physical Therapy & Wellness has the tools, resources, and experience, to help you decrease your pain and get you back to being active!

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