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Whether you’re on the path to recovery after surgery or an injury, seeking relief from chronic pain, or simply craving some therapeutic relaxation, the Apex team of professional Patient Care Coordinators to our team of Doctors of Physical Therapists are here to make it happen! Our health services are available for you at six fantastic locations in West Fargo, River’s Bend, Fargo, Jamestown, LaMoure, and Edgeley, North Dakota. Let’s embark on this wellness journey together!


Whether you’re on a quest for post-surgery rejuvenation, looking to conquer injuries like a champ, seeking to vanquish chronic pain, or simply craving the bliss of a therapeutic massage, the Apex team is your trusty sidekick!

Conditions we Treat

Whether your needs are centered around rehabilitation after surgery or injury, chronic pain management, or therapeutic massage, the Apex team is ready to help.






Women’s Health

Your Comprehensive Women’s Health Guide
Your go-to resource for all things women’s health, covering everything from
pelvic floor wellness bladder and bowel boss to breast care.

Men’s Health

Your Comprehensive Men’s Health Guide
Covering everything from pelvic floor dysfunctions, post-prostate surgery, sports injuries, mental health and more.

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