Doin’ It Flamingo Style!

Two ways it improve your balance

Outside of Olympic gymnasts or professional slackliners Check this video out!

We all could work on our balance. Improving our balance helps us in almost every facet of life. Getting off the floor, walking upstairs, or walking on the ice during the winter, all challenge our balance.

Practice Tai Chi

As we age balance becomes very important to keep us safe from falling. Over the years, working in assisted living facilities and with a lot of elderly patients, balance is often the number one concern for the patient and caregiver. It is never too late to start improving your balance. One way to improve your balance is to practice Tai Chi. Tai chi was developed as a martial art in the 13th century, but is now more widely used as a form of exercise. If you feel safe enough, here is a video demonstrating basic tai chi moves.

Brush your Teeth on one Foot

Another simple way to start to improve your balance is to try and stand on one foot while you brush your teeth. Stand on one foot for 30 seconds while brushing and then switch to the other foot. Do that 2 times and not only will your balance improve, you will also have brushed your teeth for the ADA recommended time of 2 minutes.

After trying a few of these tips, and your balance is still not improving, it may be time to have an evaluation by one of our physical therapists at Apex Physical Therapy. We have experts with many years of experience that would love to help you improve your balance so that you feel safer at home and in the community.

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