Specialty Therapies and Programs

Every individual is unique. You have a variety of factors that contribute to your fitness, wellness, and recovery. At Apex Physical Therapy and Wellness Center, we customize your treatment plan to include the therapies and programs which will best address your needs. You may be familiar with some of the therapy methods we use; others may be new to you. You can access more in-depth information about each therapy by clicking on the topic heading.


Weakened or scarred soft tissue (muscles, tendons, ligaments) can cause pain and limit joint motion. Astym is a revolutionary treatment that addresses the root causes of pain and stiffness. Astym therapy can eliminate or reduce scar tissue and regenerate healthy soft tissue. At Apex, we combine Astym with stretching and strengthening therapies to achieve optimal results.


Pain that never leaves can greatly decrease your quality of life. Many of our patients have gained an improved level of function not experienced in months, or sometimes even years. Our therapists also train patients in non-pharmaceutical pain management techniques to bring pain relief in a natural, healthy manner.


Many muscle and joint issues can benefit from a combination of therapies. Manual therapy begins with a thorough assessment. From this initial assessment, the therapist and patient work together to develop a care plan that includes a variety of hands-on therapy techniques.


Injuries to the brain, spinal cord or other areas of your nervous system can be helped with therapies that help rehabilitate the injured areas and train patients in new practicalities for their daily life. If you are experiencing issues with balance or repeated falls, neurological therapy may be able to help.


Sprained ankle, low back pain, recovery from orthopedic surgery on your shoulder, hip or knees. Our orthopedic physical therapists specialize in creating custom treatment plans that can bring relief from hip, back and shoulder pain, and help your joints and muscles heal properly.


Visceral refers to your insides, your organs. Other parts of your body need motion to retain healthy function; the same is true of your organs. Our therapists are specially trained in this technique which facilitates health and healing for your internal organs.


Bowel, bladder, and reproductive organs all reside in the pelvic region. Apex Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy Specialists have advanced training in functional rehabilitation of these organs and the muscles of the pelvic floor.


Physical therapy is beneficial to athletes in multiple ways. Guidance from a physical therapist can help prevent injury and improve performance. When injury does occur, physical therapy can aid in rehabilitation following sports injuries.


Like other joints, your jaw uses muscles to move. Those muscles can become tight, inflamed or injured, affecting your neck as well as the movement of your jaw. Our physical therapist can assess the source of your issues and prescribe a proper treatment plan.


Massage received through our licensed massage therapists is specifically focused on restoring health and function to your body. Our massage therapists have training in craniosacral therapy, myofascial release, reflexology, manual lymph drainage and several other specialized massage techniques.


The bodies of children are still in development. This means their health needs must be addressed differently from adults. Our pediatric physical therapists are trained in the assessment and treatment of movement disorders common to children.


Bladder and bowel control issues in children can be frustrating and advice comes from many directions. At Apex, we have developed a special integrated program that helps children take control of these sensitive issues at the proper time.
We offer services in three locations – Fargo, Jamestown, and Lamoure, North Dakota – to provide the convenience of choosing a facility that is located near your home or work.

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